Barefoot is a collaborative platform that emphasizes on quality content, minimal impeccable design, and unparalleled storytelling from Mandalay | Myanmar.   Our main philosophy centers on the notion of unisex minimal content, a streetwear inspired point of view, and have evolved into this particular platform - Sneakers.


"Minimalism is about doing more with less." - We choose high quality textures, and laying out with an obsessive attention to detail. From photography to digital content, we strive to deliver our products that are creative, innovative and downright one-of-a-kind.


Our Stories

InIn 2017, three Mandalay-based friends; Aung Ko, Kyaw Zin and Danny were discussing about minimal-Sneaker options in the market that captures both practical functionality and a sophisticated aesthetic. The journey starts with an idea that strongly built with passion and the team realized that there weren’t any premium quality sneakers out there for a reasonable price that everyone can afford. The more we talk about the shoes that are heavy, expensive and overly charged through shipping, the more we realize that something is not right. 


baref17t is a Mandalay-based footwear label, established in 2017. Since, then the baref17t family has only kept growing – both in terms of people and products. baref17t lives to create better journeys through more fashionable and comfortable gear!


Our mission is to make people more fashionable journeys through comfortable footwear which will feel like their barefoot. We want people to have more confident on themselves how ever they want. We develop footwears for the journey, for the passionate people who are minimalist in search of adventure. 

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Design Approach

Taking inspiration from the 70’s original sport trainers, we wanted to create a masterpiece, merging the perfection of a clean minimal design with superior materials and the highest craftsmanship standard.

The result? - A wardrobe staple.

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We have designed a revolutionary efficient and agile production model that, starting from the selection of raw natural materials, allows us to create true value and limited product runs.

We emphasise made-to-order in our mission to replace excess with quality, individuality, and sustainability.

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How We Do It

To offer you fairly priced, premium shoes, baref17t took the direct to consumer approach. 

Our shoes are crafted from high quality materials with great care. But we’re obsessed with keeping our supply, distribution, and advertising costs to a bare minimum level. This allows us to pass for greater savings on to you.

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